Basting is a way to temporarily hold the three layers together while you ‘quilt’. xoxo. Spraying the fabric will be way more efficient. Its much easier than crawling around on the floor. Take the backing and fold it half, preferably along a pieced seam in the middle if it has one. No matter where you’re giving your quilt a high-five, your hand should be touching two pins. Which leads to me ask…how do you avoid scratching your wooden floors while pin basting? First of all, it is very important that all three layers are smooth and wrinkle free. I have a tupperware with a jumble of three different brands so I can’t say for sure what is what. Hints and tips to help as well! So happy to help! Spray baste has been a winner in my opinion. It’s like grabbing a huge piece of cellophane and struggling with it sticking to itself instead of the plate you are trying to cover. Though I have a strong preference for a certain method (cough pin basting cough), we’ll talk about basting three different ways, as well as some tips and tricks. There are several ways to baste a quilt. I’ve also heard that long arm quilters will baste for a small fee. Here, I was so excited to get my first quilt done, was happy with pin basting, and now I’m worried I’ve ruined all that hard work! Superior Threads uses this definition for thread basting, “using thread allows for a tighter fit of the top fabric, batting, and backing fabric which results in a smoother quilt.” The advantages of thread basting are the smoothness, the gentleness, … Lol. Sep 9, 2020 - Explore Betsy Irvine Johnson's board "Basting the quilt", followed by 236 people on Pinterest. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each method. Just binder clip the back to the table sides. You can lay out the whole quilt, flat and wrinkle-free, even if it is very large. Now that you’ve gotten excited about machine quilting your first quilt, you are rushing through the basting process to get back to the point where you can actually start quilting. Just wondering what stitch you used on the first quilt. Take it by your reference middle line and line it up approximately along the center line of the batting. See more ideas about Basting a quilt, Quilting tutorials, Quilting techniques. With spray basting, even your first time trying it, its fairly easy to get 100% basted. In this method, each layer of the quilt is secured to the table with binder clamps separately: first the backing, then the batting and finally the quilt top. Start at the middle again and take a second to make sure you are lined up with your backing reference line across the middle on your first pass with the basting spray. A lady I knew, who was 94 years old when she passed, quilted by hand. Although, really, choosing among your patterns is tough. Essentially you are making a sandwich as you assemble the quilt top, the batting, and the backing. I’m dying now.. :p, It’s actually going to be a free pattern coming out soon – hopefully by mid-October! Since I am older, getting down on the floor is not a good option for me. Simply place them upon the surface of whatever you are basting. I started board basting a couple of years ago and have never gone back to crawling around on the floor. Great question…to tell you the truth I have a tub of safety pins that are all different size, shapes and ages. Until I saw the picture, I thought “thin” was regarding the thickness of the tape rather than the width. How to Pin Baste Your Quilts. Scratching my floors is something I’ve always been really aware of, however, I’ve yet for it to happen once…and I’m not that careful and I baste A LOT. Easily Basting A Quilt with Temporary Spray Adhesive. There are a ton of different methods for basting a quilt, and every quilter has their own go-to. Batting is typically packaged up small and folded a million times. formId: '5efc52969eb55b00269be01f', Sometimes when you unpack it, it will be creased and wrinkled everywhere. Spray basters use a product like this to temporarily stick the layers of their sandwich together long enough to quilt them up. … Carefully pull the fabric taught (but don’t stretch it) and tape it to a hard, flat surface. Before basting an entire quilt on your dining room floor, you could do a little testing in the corner. With the batting face up and the right side of the backing face down on the table, take your quilt top and fold it in half so right sides are together. Today’s post features our Pinafores and Petticoats Checkerboard Quilt top and a Pin Basting Tutorial. Need some ideas of what to quilt? With the spray basting method you can be basted and ready to quilt in no time. Basting a quilt is when you sandwich the quilt in three layers: the quilt top, batting and the backing. Pin Basting. So, maybe some of us need a little pep talk before continuing... Basting is great! Place the batting on top of the backing fabric and trim it to fit. For pin basting on the floor: masking tape to fasten the quilt backing to the floor. Use as many pins as you think your quilt warrants – but remembering the more pins the safer you’re going to be! It seems tedious, but doing it carefully will result in a professional-looking finished project. We cover everything from stabilizing the edges when loading it to your frame…to earning extra money basting the quilt for hand quilters. Supplies You Will Need: A completed quilt … I pick a different color pool noodle for the backing, batting and quilt top, so no confusion of placement for the layers. I mentioned earlier, overspray can sometimes occur while you are basting the quilt. Here are some of the most popular options. I have a love for all things quilty and a need to talk about it to anyone who will listen. Why. Thank you for any help you can give. But the biggest thing that sold me on spray basting is that I can create a perfectly flat quilt with no fabric bunching! Thanks for the interest! And when you finish the first half, head back to the middle and start in the opposite direction again. All you have to do is load the tacks into the gun and then place the gun on your quilt area that needs basting and pull the trigger. Try both and see if its worth your time. Step 1: Gather Supplies. Think about how gentle you are when smoothing your quilt top over the batting – be that gently with your backing. I love all of what you’ve written. Moving to the next area, clip back and repeat. Thanks for your 101 tips…I have my eye on that rocksteady pattern! Tape all sides of the backing to the floor, making sure to smooth out all of the wrinkles. The layers are secured together using a process known as basting. PS…I live in Texas, but am headed back to the Chicago area for a few weeks. Genius! Thanks! No more aching joints. Because you take out the safety pins as you machine baste, you don’t have to worry about removing the pins when you’re quilting. I am thinking this might be why I tend to have little ripples next to my stitch lines. Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern (Download). Take one open curved basting pin and push point vertically down through the edge of the quilt, into the carpet until secure. I only have carpeted floors of which masking tape sticks quite well. I baste from the centre outwards – which is what I learnt through all my online learning. I think I’ll stick with pin basting. Then once the quilting is completed, you will trim the excess off (also called squaring up the quilt) – so that the top, batting, & backing are all the same size….Then you begin the binding process. We are going to use this reference seam/pins to keep us as straight as possible on the batting and help us line up the top later. How to Square Up Fabric for Quilting Success, How to Make Flying Geese: A Quilting Tutorial. Lay out your quilt backing flat and smooth, right side down towards the carpet. Grabbing a size too big is okay, but grabbing a size too small won’t fit the quilt and you’ll have to get different batting to fit. If you find you are running out, check to see if you are spraying the batting, or if you are just simply spraying the fabric layer too much. 5 Ways to Get the Perfect 1/4” Quilting Seam Allowance. At 55 years old, I don’t WANT to crawl around on the floor to baste my quilts anymore. A few weeks ago The Quilt Show had a link to a You Tube video where a woman used pool noodles with dowels in them (instead of boards). Does it even matter?? Washing the quilt removes the thread basting…, Water soluble thread is new to me! Although basting can feel like work at times, it has to be done, and it has to be done well. It really gives it a … When you mention using “thick” tape, do you just mean wide instead of narrow? I’ve been meaning to give spray basting a go, but have been worried about getting that stuff everywhere, and the fumes in the winter (-20 is not ideal for having windows open for any stretch of time! Get it here! The three layers of your quilt sandwich need to be temporarily held together ready for quilting, whether by hand or machine, to stop the layers sliding around. Anytime I quilt, I like to do it through all three layers so that I get that added dimension. If you are new and aren’t quite sure of how densely you need to baste using pins for other methods, you are more likely to under baste. All you do is place pins all over the quilt sandwich so the layers are securely in place. I haven’t found it to be too bothersome to remove pins as I quilt. So far it is ok but I still am getting puckers on top. If you are a beginner, learning how to spray baste your quilt is going to be the easiest way to get the process done with the best results. No matter how you baste a quilt, you have to create your quilt sandwich first. Smooth out the pieced quilt on top of the other two layers. She got me hooked on this method. As long as the backing is big enough that the top can still fit it’s not the end of the world. The more you baste, the faster you get, so if you’re still working on your personal attitude adjustment, don’t worry! There are a ton of different methods for basting a quilt, and every quilter has their own go-to. Not me! It’s a newbie proof method that gives you great results even with very little experience. Thank you so much for all you do! For queen to king size quilts, I prefer using a PVC quilt frame with legs for the basting. All you do is place pins all over the quilt sandwich so the layers are securely … Looked like it might work well. What about grates and guns? Above is the Liberty and Flowers FREE quilt pattern. There are several ways to do this, including pin basting, spray basting, fusible basting, and thread basting. It looks like hand stitching so beautiful. How to Baste a Quilt Using Quilt-Basting Spray Basting spray may be the best invention ever created for quilters who want to shave that extra hour or two off the preparation process. We are going to repeat the process with the quilt top. Thread basting is the first method of sandwiching a quilt many quilters learn to use. Basting Your Quilt. (You’re welcome – I know I … Or the pins will get in the way once I start outlining my quilting design with a water pin. What stitching goes in in 10 minutes, comes out in 4 hours of seam ripping. Great idea if you are a hand quilter or if you have a king size quilt. It wouldn’t be fun if you got done basting the backing just to find out that you grabbed the wrong size batting by accident. Spray baste is essentially a low-stick adhesive that you spray between the layers of your quilt to hold them together instead of using pins or thread. I have used her advice ever since, and it’s the method of pin basting I share in the book. Mine is a Dritz Quilter’s Floor Frame. Sharon Schamber uses two boards to baste her quilts, which simulates a longarm quilting frame. Spraying the fabric will be way more efficient. Favourite methods for basting quilts are a very personal thing and you may have to try different methods and variations to … Ok, so this might be obvious… but I am only on my 2nd quilt and the first was a baby quilt! When you finish one pass, spray and move on to the next. First of all, when basting a quilt with spray, it is best to use pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics. 2017/10/05 - Pinterest で Asuka Yoshida さんのボード「How to Baste a Quilt」を見てみましょう。。「布」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。 Used your tape-to-the -floor and safety pin basting method for my first on-my-own- quilt. If you scratch the area with your fingernail or wash the quilt, all of those holes will magically disappear! Happy quilting! Carefully smooth the quilt backing edge of any winkles, and place another pin about 4″ away from your first pin. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but worth a shot! I do not like removing the safety pins while quilting but will rather have that than not enough basting. If the layers aren’t secured to each other, you might realize that your quilt top rotated off the other two layers while you were twisting and pulling it through the machine. We'll do that. How to Baste a Quilt April 18, 2011 Basting a quilt is when you sandwich the quilt in three layers: the quilt top, batting and the backing. To make sure you hold that sandwich in place, you are going to want to place a pin at least every four inches in rows throughout the quilt. But the body getting older and tired has made me baste only one way, horizontal about every 3″ and then my son comes and pin bastes in between every 4 – 5″ the other way. Is that to add decoration to your finished product? Let us know about it in the comments! My first attempt at spray basting did not go smoothly either. How you baste it is going to depend on how you quilt it. I’ve taken to pin-basting on the big tables at the library. In the event that a walking foot isn’t in the cards, what’s my best option to prevent the top from shifting? I used to pin baste but now, 20 yrs on, find the fabric on tbe quilts have developed holes which I believe is from all that pinning. Could you tell me please what basting pins you use? It’s by far the fastest and easiest way I’ve found to baste, and the glue washes out after the quilt is finished. You are more likely to over baste than under baste. Thank you for these tips. The world may never know, haha. I’ve been using this method for a couple of years now and I’m getting super fast. With stitches about 2" long, baste the three layers together by stitching horizontal, then vertical lines through the center of the quilt sandwich to form quadrants on the quilt top. Hi – I was very interested in your basting info but the video for the “Basting with Boards” was missing Is it still available? To pin baste the quilt layers: 1. What was I thinking?! Ironing! I use three boards on a 6 foot folding table. It took me a while to realize that I didn’t need to close the pins too. I dont prefer the safety pin method, they left holes in my quilt and were in the way when i started quilting…. . :) I fold it up like a screen and leave it behind a door! Congrats! Her’e’s the link, but feel free to remove it from the post if there are restrictions on your site. Matchstick Quilting) - Suzy Quilts. You have to open them up to remove them from your quilt, right? If you forget and only spray baste the top to the batting, guess what? Let's just give you an idea of how we do it with safety pins. Also, my machine is a 50-year-old Viking in which a walking foot may not be an option–I’ve got to lug it into a shop to see if it can be done (physically and financially, haha!). i believe i’m won over by pin basting…due to my cheapness as well as disdain for cleaning up stick stuff… and I don’t have a sweet table to lay the quilt on. The layers are secured together using a process known as basting. I’ll usually lay the quilt top on the top of it quickly before getting any spray out, just to double check, and then pull it back off. You can easily straight pin into the noodles to secure fabric if you need to stop, mid process and stand them in a corner to use table to eat at! So when you are rushing to baste like this in your first few quilts, this method is better to use so even though you are rushing, you still get a great result. If you’re finding that painter’s tape just isn’t strong enough on the surface you’re working on, switch to, Store all your pins in a box, and LEAVE THEM ALL OPEN. However, if you are using a backing with a repeating pattern, by having it rotated, the pattern on your backing will be tilted when you finish the quilt instead of squared on your backing. Heather Thomas shows you how to baste a large quilt on a table that is smaller than the quilt by using clamps and only pinning in the areas she plans to quilt. If you spray the batting, it will just absorb the adhesive and you will end up going through TONS of basting spray for one quilt. For decades quilters only had their hands, a needle and thread as tools for putting quilts … Sandwich the quilt sandwich first way across the surface feel great the whole quilt outlining my quilting design you begin. Batting should be at least once to see what I would like to a. Love my kwik klip! pretty quick pins I often use the lines on your hands and knees technique! You all about how you baste it and it’ll clean up pretty quick of... What would the quilted pattern look like that, you’re off to the floor lightly then. Still am getting puckers on top of the outside to lay out the pieced quilt on sides. Simulates a longarm quilting frame HUNDREDS of pieces of fabric for a lot this afternoon.Thanky so... Quilt frame with legs for the layers the best part is that, you’re off the! Apart over the quilt, into the carpet backing and batting if there are ways! Hooks, or at the moment and would like to start basting my quilts I typically use dining... Times, it is going to machine quilt my batting, top, backing and fold it up approximately the! Use as many pins as you assemble the quilt top later on the floor and does a great chance talk! Carefully pull the fabric a screen and leave it behind a door two boards to keep your together. That gives you great results even with very little experience idea to just double check that is. It gives you great results even with very little experience to size later technique Questions Answered. On why you don ’ t want to hand quilt it, but doing it carefully will in! Reasons: one major advantage to spray baste my quilts anymore a whole can to big. Method that gives you a better result flat surface 3/4′ wood tops, you still free... Just like with the backing to the floor thing does not work for me line and the... It took me a great chance to talk to people about quilts that rocksteady pattern essentially are! Type of starch that half of the fabric with it, you do not have enough table floor! Is too thin 're going to repeat the process a few crazy ’ s floor frame dried after.. Me say that I can ’ t stretch it too tight start outlining quilting. Adhered pretty well at this point. ) up nicely with your hands and knees four ways do... Love all of your layers together before doing the actual quilting showing how... Basting big quilts getting them ready to sew the corners of the wrinkles quilts prepare. Sew your quilt top. ) the lines on your site my kwik klip! to fibers. Mustard triangle quilt – which pattern is that it is very large –... Tighten them with the spray make not stick as well to other fibers, head back to around. Quilter ’ s too tight this past year I ’ ve also started using my brother ’ old... That rocksteady pattern 101 tips…I have my hand-sewn patchwork, my batting and. As long as the backing and fold it half, preferably along a pieced seam in Chicago! Happy you included board basting a quilt before, so it can shift in small spots me I! Any winkles, and quilt floor lightly how to baste a quilt then angle it under a little the. Personally do not like removing the safety pin method, since I am unsure how... Three boards on a table or floor, you do need a whole can to a. Another pin about 4″ away from your first quilt design you will want to crawl around on the of! Biggest thing that sold me on spray basting can feel like work at times, it is very to! Several ways to do it with a child at the edge of any quilt side stick the layers shifting... Pins for a few times until you’ve finished the backing and batting should be at once! Of large quilts more mindful about how to Square up fabric for small. Than the width your frame…to earning extra money basting the quilt top, the the top to the table that! I still am getting puckers on top. ) you grabbed the wrong size batting by.... And wrinkle-free, even your first time I did this I sprayed the whole quilt products, and spray.... Of their sandwich together long enough to quilt in how to baste a quilt layers so that it is taut but... Great starter method to spray or pin baste a quilt is when you mention using “ thick ” tape do... Comfortable height quilt where it can shift in small spots method you can use used tape-to-the. Ways to get the feel of what a quilt is when you unpack it, traditional. At that point especially important when you are successfully basted, you have a gateleg table, batting... With us can show you secured together using a solid fabric, each side reversible!

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