Does mulch? Use mild fertilizer once a month in growing seasons, usually spring and summer. Archived. It's hard to prevent a home termite infestation if you don't know what draws them to your property. As we covered above, pests are a common problem for people who have succulents. Because in the night they will get energy and feels relaxed. Like mites and mealybugs, scale insects damage succulents by sucking the juices from the leaves. Yes, indoor plants attract bugs. Succulents can tolerate long periods of drought. Anyone who has succulents knows they are bound to attract pests and bugs at one point or another. … Press J to jump to the feed. Gnats on Succulent Plants What are those pesky flies? If you want to get rid of gnats, bees and mosquitoes, drink water. When you bring a red, orange, yellow or purple succulent home, give it the same amount of sun, lest it revert to green. Water succulents deeply to saturate the root zone. Preventing and removing pests is generally pretty easy. Pests of Succulents. If you’re growing succulents indoors (and possibly if you’re growing succulents outdoors), you are likely to encounter mealybugs at some point. Do succulents attract bugs? A little rain won't harm healthy succulents and cacti. A succulent is a plant such as a cactus that possesses fleshy, thick leaves and a stem capable of storing water. Like mealybugs, aphids secrete a sweet substance known as honeydew which will attract ants. It refers to any plant with fleshy parts—leaves, stems, or roots—that store moisture to tolerate drought. Benefits of Succulents (Medicinal, Cosmetic, Culinary, and more), Toxic and Safe Succulents For Cats, Dogs, and other Pets. It protects from bugs and insects when sunlight appears on the plant. Sort by. Keeping soil wet for long periods of time may attract mealy bugs, gnats, and other pests too. Each strip can hold hundreds of flies, which should more than take care of your succulent gnat problem. Keep your succulents pretty dry. Indoor potted succulents can also host sciarid flies in their soil. Like other plants, succulents attract pollinators, and the way they do this is through flowering. Many collectors refuse to let them bloom for this very reason. Now that you’ve taken care of your succulents, the last thing you’ll want to do is to get rid of the pests that are flying around your home. Sticky String of Pearls. Inspect the healthy plants to see if they have any signs of mealy bugs. Sometimes a strong stream of water directed at the plant is enough to knock the mealybugs off the leaves. Keeping the soil wet for long periods of time can attract mealy bugs, mosquitoes and other pests as well. Despite maintaining optimal conditions for their growth such as proper sunlight, drainage, and even fertilizer, your succulents can still get infested. Just blow them off with a fast running water from a hose. Aphids on Succulents. There are two groups of scales that commonly attack succulents: the armored scale and the soft scale insects. Succulents store a high concentration of sweep sap in their leaves. Control of these pests is difficult because they are small and hide in places that make them hard to … Pollinators such as bees are attracted to the bright flowers, which entices them to spread pollen and ensure the reproduction of succulents. Definitely! Isopropyl Alcohol . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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